The Central Ohio Python User's Group

About Us

We are a friendly and enthusiastic group of Central Ohio Pythonistas. We meet every Friday for informal dojos, occasionally for lunch on various days of the week, and have a monthly meeting on the last Monday of the month. To have lunch at your favorite place, announce the time and place on the mailing list.

After our monthly meetings we like to adjourn to Brazenhead to enjoy good food, good drinks, and good conversation.

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We have code on our github repository, especially of challenges where people solved problems using Python in very different ways.


We meet almost every Friday.
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Panera Bread
4519 N High St, Columbus, OH

Dojos are informal Python group study sessions. Complete beginners, experts, and everyone else are welcome to the Dojos. Bring your Python questions and problems. Digressions from Python are common. We meet in the "Community Room".

Please bring outlet strips and extension cords.

Panera's Wifi works, but is unreliable and slow. If you need big stuff, download it elsewhere before coming or bring your own Internet access.

March Monthly Meeting

March 27, 2017, 6:00 p.m.

18:00 Pillar Technology's 'The Forge' at the Smith Brothers' Hardware Building

20:00 Brazenhead Irish Pub

Come and learn, share, grow, meet new people, and visit old friends at our monthly meeting! We'll be talking about the Python programming language and anything that intersects it, and the cool stuff you can do with it.

Max Morlocke will be presenting this month on Memory Leak Troubleshooting.

Memory leaks are are painful. We as developers are encountering a situation where garbage collection isn't working as we would like and instead we are suffering from a situation where memory is constantly growing, potentially resulting in watchdog processes killing processes. Further, memory leak troubleshooting in python can be frustrating, tools are not necessarily as friendly as on platforms like Java and .NET. In this session, we'll go over what a memory leak is, what some common symptoms are, and some common tools to troubleshoot. We'll also go over best practices to minimize the chance of a memory leak occurring and how to make it easier to find out what's happening inside your code well before watchdog starts shooting your production applications in the head.

Then, Jim Prior will give a presentation on using named groups in regular expressions. From " The Zen of Python":

Readability counts.

Named groups makes groups within regular expressions more readable and also make the reference to groups more readable.

presentation rough draft


Later, around 8pm, we will go to Brazenhead Irish Pub on Fifth Ave for more socializing, food, and beverages.
map for Brazenhead Irish Pub on Fifth Ave